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Alondra was named after a mermaid from a radio broadcasted soap opera her mother used to listen to when she was a child, however, the name Alondra comes from a bird: a Lark. And so her name is her inheritance as she is: As mystical as a mermaid and as free as a bird.

Born in the charming island of the Dominican Republic to a musically artistic family; Alondra had set her eyes on stage from a very young age. She was raised bi-costally in the DR and NYC, and finally moved to NYC full time just before starting high school. In addition to pursuing the arts, training in Musical Theatre, Voice, and Dance; Alondra also earned a bachelor's degree in Architecture from NYIT and has worked alongside top tier architects and real estate developers. 

Alondra is a spiritual seeker and optimist, she wholeheartedly believes in the goodness and potential of others. She often connects with fellow seekers (men, women, and children) to guide and motivate them to reach their source, discover their maximum potential, and fulfill their lives' mission.

Alondra and her husband Marcell love and live in NYC.